Set design photo montage

Still shots of two set designs created as part of third year assessment.


Showreel of three separate works

A showreel of three separate performative pieces I have produced in the current academic year. The first, ‘Performance Piece 01 02/12/15’ was in response to my brief ‘Next Nature’. Sitting in a restricted box for 5 hours in total, not eating or drinking during that period and isolating myself from human interaction, I invited the audience to participate in the piece with me. More information can be found at a further post titled ‘Photo slide from Performance Piece 01.’ The film is documentation of the performance from different perspectives.

‘Markmaking Through Performative Actions 23/02/2016’ (start point 04:42) is a piece from the current semester. Sitting in the middle of a block of lockers in the studio and combining performative actions with art making by using materials such as acrylics and pastel.

‘Untitled 09/03/16’ (start point 06:30) a piece in which I sat on the tideline at Broughty Ferry beach and painted  the incoming tide came in over myself and the painting. Allowing the environment to influence the way in which I painted and influence the art piece itself, I painted the duration of the tide flow and ebb. The public at times questionably peered at what I was doing but more often than not they past by, oblivious.

Each Film is to be viewed as three separate works. Please also note film appears slightly blurry  due to file size requirements for this site. Film at higher quality can be found outwith blog.


close up of sea

The result of the painting from the piece ‘Untitled”, taken at the tideline where it was produced. Natural elements and debris of the sea become part of the piece itself as it,along with myself, was engulfed by the incoming tide. The paint marks remain as they transform into the sand and seaweed and the papers flat characteristic has changed where the tide has met it. Film footage can be found on the showreel.